Helping Homeless Animals Since 1995

We rescue puppy and kitten families from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and disease. We provide them with a loving home like environment and treat their wounds, physical and emotional. While they recover, they meet many new friends and faces who volunteer here. We teach them how to receive love and when they are ready, we help them find their permanent ‘pack’.


Animal rescue work requires combining talents and strengths from many different members of our community. Without any of these groups, Animal Aid of Colorado would not exist.


Animal Aid proudly partners with both in and out-of-state rescue organizations and individuals who aid in rescuing and transporting the animals into our care. They are the initial spark that ignites our fire, and without them we would not have any animals to rescue. They drive for hours and even days to bring these precious lives to us and they get the least amount of recognition for their work. WE LOVE OUR TRANSPORTERS!


EVERY SINGLE animal we take in will need medical care in some way, be it exams, medicines, surgeries, vaccines, spay/neuter and emergency treatment. We are committed to adopting HEALTHY animals to the public and believe in FULL TRANSPARENCY regarding the health history of every animal to the new owner. We are SO GRATEFUL to have such caring and knowledgeable vets and vet techs treating our babies and moms. They treat our emergency cases, work after hours, expedite our spay/neuters, advertise our adoptable animals, and some even discount our bills to keep our rescue running. WE LOVE OUR VETS!


We designed our facility to have big rooms and comfortable ‘suite’ environments for our animals. While our shelter is clean and comfortable, nothing compares to the feel of a real home. Once animals are healthy, they get to experience living in a home with one of many LOVING and CARING foster families. This is where they build confidence with people, children, and other animals, get hours of play and instruction, and often learn to potty in the ‘right places’. Many even get adopted by a friend or family member of the foster parent. In addition to all this, our fosters free-up space in our shelter so we can take in more animals. Our fosters are critical to our organization and we couldn’t ask for more wonderful families. WE LOVE OUR FOSTERS!


A puppy is messy and needs lots of attention. Litters of puppies make lots of messes and require even more attention. Our individual volunteers come back again and again, enduring hours of accidental scratches, play bites, hair pulls, chewed shoes, all while being covered in slobbery kisses and tons of fur. They are usually the best part of our animals’ day because they know that our volunteers come ready to play, snuggle, wrestle, go for walks, runs and are fully equipped with TREATS! Minimizing disease requires clean cages, disinfected floors, freshly laundered blankets, sterilized bowls and dishes, and providing medicine and treatment. Whether bottle feeding a newborn, deticking a puppy by hand with tweezers, or cleaning up indescribable fecal matter, our volunteers never back down from helping our four legged residents. Did we mention they do this for free? WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!


Animal Rescue costs money. Like, seriously big bones. Medical bills, exams and surgeries, food, paper towels, medicine, prescription foods, replacement formula, vaccines, puppy pads, food, gloves, paper towels, toys, fencing, paper towels, disinfecting supplies, food, paper towels, wet food, litter, treats, and, did we mention, FOOD AND PAPER TOWELS? All the proceeds from our adoptions and donations go directly to paying for animal care and supplies. We are entirely run by volunteers whose only form of compensation is the sound of kittens purring when they know they are safe and puppies wiggling with excitement because they know life with people is better than being alone. None of this happens without the generosity and philanthropy of our donors. Our silent partner, whose only rewards are the warm, gooey, irreplaceable feeling when you support and give to a good cause…. and the tax write off. WE LOVE OUR DONORS!

Animal Aid of Colorado is a Northern Colorado Animal Rescue

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Animal Aid of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is run 100% with volunteers. All tax-deductible donations go towards supplies and veterinary care for our animals.

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We are a local non-profit that provides foster care and socialization for kittens and puppies. We partner with animal shelters, rescues and local business to find forever homes for our adorable animals.

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We value our rescue partners in New Mexico who are on the ground, searching for homeless animals. 

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Animal Aid of Colorado is 501 (c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible.